Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Must read advice from June 2016 students!

It's worth remembering that you are not the first person to take your ACCA exams! The good news is that thousands of ACCA students have gone before you, so there is a wealth of experience that you can benefit from. 

Although before my time(!), this reminds me of a guy by the name of Dick Fosbury who revolutionised the high jump at the 1968 Olympics. By using a never seen before backward flop technique he won the gold medal against his rivals. From that day it became the standard way of jumping and 50 years later is still used by virtually all high jumpers. They have used the knowledge and technique they have gained from Dick Fosbury to achieve their own success. 

Similarly, you can also get the benefit of people that have gone before you in your ACCA exams. We asked students who have recently completed their June 2016 ACCA exams, what advice they would give to future students. Their answers are extremely valuable as there is no better source of information than the people that have actually taken the exams. 

We had some interesting answers - why not learn from their experience to take your revision to a higher level?! Here are the key points from the survey:

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tick Tock Tick Tock - 10 ways to manage your time!

Time can pass by very quickly in an ACCA exam and before you know it your time is up and you’re out of the exam room. There isn’t anything worse than leaving an ACCA exam wishing you had just 10 more minutes! Sound familiar? Well don’t worry, you’re not alone. Time Management is an issue that many students face across all exams.

Recently I tutored a Masterclass that involved students doing timed practise questions. Despite a clear reminder for people to manage their time within the questions, students still fell into the trap of spending too long on the first part and doing very poor, and short, second parts of questions. This emphasised to me once again that effective time management is not just about answering all the questions within the total exam time but also dividing your time within the questions.

So I'm not surprised that around a third of students that took part in our June 2016 ACCA Exam Experience Survey said they wished they’d spent more time developing their time management skills prior to their ACCA exam.

Year on year ACCA Examiners' Reports have also frequently highlighted it as a problem that has resulted in rushed answers and even some incomplete scripts. Take the advice from me, fellow students and examiners to ensure the clock doesn’t beat you!

Whether it is an ACCA multiple choice or written based exam, perfecting this skill isn’t easy so here are some simple tips that can help you to significantly improve: