Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A simple tip to help make your revision sink in...

Sometimes it's easy to spend hours revising, revising and revising for your ACCA exams, to find that at the end of it all it feels like you can't remember a single thing.

This is obviously not ideal!

In my 15 years of teaching accountancy exams, I have found a number of ways to overcome this such as effective note-taking and having a structured revision plan.

However, there is an even more obvious way to make your ACCA revision more effective with minimal effort. It may seem simple but is often ignored by many students!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

3 tips to make your revision fun and effective (yes I said fun!)

ACCA revision is of course very important - but are we guilty of making our approach a bit too serious?

It goes without saying that all students really want to pass their ACCA exams - so it's important to make sure your revision is as effective as possible. After all, it's a serious matter!

However, there is often a misconception that revision can't also be enjoyable. 

With that in mind, here are three tips that could not only make your revision more fun, they could also make your revision more effective!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Model, Average or Disaster Student... Which one are you?

People regularly use the term “The Model Student” within the education industry when describing successful candidates who pass their exams with top marks. However, the idea of the model student can seem a bit out of reach for many ACCA students, as they may think achieving that level of performance is unattainable for them.

I wanted to explore the idea of the ACCA model student therefore, in order to try and work out what really makes the perfect student within the accountancy world. This will hopefully inspire some of my ACCA students to reach that little bit further within their own studies to achieve the best result they possibly can.

To start off with we need to give the model student term a little bit more context. So let's first look at what makes an average student...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Return of the 'must know tips from the examiners'!

Why do ACCA students ignore Examiners' Reports?

Your guess is as good as mine - as there is no better information to help them pass their exams!

Don't fall into the same trap by making time in your revision plan to work your way through the last five Examiners' Reports. This will give you an advantage by understanding exactly what the examiners are looking for.

Of course you could just continue to read this blog as we've done the hard work for you by summarising the main points in recent reports. 

To conclude our series of tips, here are the key points you need to know for the ACCA P3 exam:

Friday, 6 May 2016

Must know tips from the examiners - the sequel!

It amazes me that so many ACCA students don't pay attention to the Examiners' Reports. After all, they are the people you need to impress on the big day!

These reports highlight the same old issues that come up time and time again. They summarise the mistakes students are making in the exams and give important and helpful advice on areas they should improve.

Make sure you don't ignore these! To help you out we've captured the key points here:

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Must know tips from the examiners

What better advice can you receive than from the examiners themselves? After all not only do they write the ACCA exam, they also mark it!

I recently attended a conference in London where examiners fed back on the performance of accountancy students. It's a great shame that you were not all in the audience with me as they gave some great advice on how students can perform better in the exams. Despite the fact you weren't there, the good news is that the ACCA Examiners' Reports are issued after every sitting. They contain nuggets of information that are essential reading for students.

It was interesting in the conference that the examiners were disappointed that many students did not take the time to read their ACCA reports - as the same problems were coming up time and time again!

Here are the key points from ACCA P1. ACCA P2 and P3 will follow over the next few days.